Passenger Transport

Following an intensive review by the Department for Transport (DfT), the UK Government set out its policy towards the bus sector in a report entitled Putting Passengers First.

It concluded that the "key ingredient of success has been effective partnership working" and "a shared willingness to invest in the long-term future of the [sic] sector."  However, one of the major issues in the bus and coach industry is the relatively low level of government subsidy compared with other European countries.

The turnover of companies supplying public transport service by land, air and sea reached an estimated £14.38bn in the year ending March 2006 - a 7.1% increase on the previous year. [Source:  Keynote 2007]

For more information on the Passenger Transport sector please search the Go Skills website

Passenger Strategy:

  1. To support and contribute to 9 of the key priorities identified by the Sector Skills Council (GoSkills) to support and grow the Passenger Transport Sector.
  • Increase management and leadership skills
  • Develop essential skills- literacy and numeracy together with wider employability skills
  • Develop trainers and assessors to meet sector needs
  • Support retention of staff
  • Improve poor public image and low professional esteem
  • Improve customer service skills
  • Support recognition for current skills and licensing requirements
  • Address ageing workforce
  • Support greater engagement in the range of skills training through the EU driver training directive