Apprenticeships are a great, cost-effective way to recruit fresh talent, develop the skills of your workforce, increase staff retention and improve your bottom line. The majority of organisations that employ apprentices do so as part of a strategy to build up the skills capacity of their organisation. Apprentices, by definition, are employed to learn the skills and knowledge that you need. Research suggests that Apprentices then become far more productive, long-term employees than non-Apprentices. 

Apprenticeships are also a cost-effective solution. 75% of employers say the programme has helped reduce recruitment costs. When you take into consideration that Warrington Collegiate offers a FREE recruitment service, can help you to access government grants to offset wage costs and does not charge course fees for the majority of our Apprenticeship programmes you can see why so many employers think it makes financial sense.

The focus of an Apprenticeship is about equipping individuals with the new skills and learning they need for their job. This could be for an individual starting a new job, or if an existing employee, for an individual that requires significant new knowledge and skills for their job. Apprenticeships are open to individuals all ages.

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes so the majority of learning happens in the workplace, giving people the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications while they earn. The practical skills learnt in the workplace is assessed by a College Assessor and is combined with additional training either delivered at the College or in the workplace. If required, additional English, Maths and IT training is part of all Apprenticeship programmes.

For more information on a specific framework and how it relates to your business please contact us on 01925 494703.